(Gaelic for “Chief”) is a small, boutique firm dedicated to serving client needs. We have diverse capabilities in both the public and private sectors, with wide ranging skills in the technical, analytical and operational disciplines. Our focus is to provide the right people, abilities and expertise to deliver high-quality consulting services devoted to the missions.

Appreciation for the employee

We consider our employee’s well being one of the highest priorities. We realize the linchpin to our success is the employee as they are the most important interface with the client and essential to the mission. Torin hopes each employee is personally and professionally fulfilled and we encourage opportunities to grow and develop within the company.

Respect for the customer

Torin's goal is understanding and fulfilling the client's requirements. We strive to provide the best results. Torin does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions and customizes support to exceed expectations.

Compassion for the community

Torin Consulting, Inc. values generosity and giving back to the community. We believe the company should support the causes its employees support. We do just that through volunteer work and charitable donations.